12" Bingo cage includes
masterboard plastic balls & 18 cards
(Black or Brass)
$79.95 ea.

Coverall Bingo Supplies
W5824 County Road FF
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020 US
Phone: (920) 207-3207
Website: coverallbingosupplies.com

We ship to the U.S.A. ONLY

Bingo Paper

Licensed Wisconsin Bingo Paper Seller

Bingo Bag 6 - outside pockets
Black nylon w/Bingo material 2 - way zipper

(Black, Blue, Green, Red)
8" x 5" x 8"
$10.95 ea.

A North

Bingo Calling Cards
B1 - O75

$3.25 ea.

Round Bingo Bag

10 - Outside Pockets & Drawstring

​Colored nylon w/Bingo material

$12.95 ea.

N West

Round Bingo Bag
9 - outside pockets & Drawstring​
Black nylon w/Bingo material​
$11.95 ea.

Bingo Apron
Bingo Material Custom Made
(Styles may vary)
$10.00 ea.

We ship to the U.S.A. ONLY

N East

Bingo Resin Frog Ticket Holder
$2.25 ea.

Raffle Drums
A West

Supplies for Bingo, Ticket Holders,
​Bingo Bags, Bingo Equipment

Bingo Balls, Bingo Cages & Cards

Bingo Cube Bag
4 - outside pockets
Black nylon w/Bingo material
$5.95 ea.

N South

Bingo Cage w/Table Tennis Balls

Large Bingo Cage
(12" Approx Diameter)

Includes one set 1-75 Bingo Balls,
(Colors may vary) Plastic Master Board, Brass Cage on Wooden Base.
$169.00 ea.



​​We Cover All Your

​Coverall Bingo Supplies

NFL Ticket Buddies
 (2.5" Tall)
$3.95 ea.

N North

Single Sheets or Collated Books
(1,3,6, and 9 on Loose sheets
3, 6, and 9 on collated books)
We can sell Bingo Paper to licensed Wisconsin Groups and Organizations
Call Mark @ 920-207-3207
Looking to save money on paper you already buy? We have the lowest prices.
Don't have a license?  We will HELP get your Bingo started.
We sell new and used equipment depending on your budget.
Call Mark @ 920-207-3207

Bingo Turtle Ticket Holder
$2.25 ea.

Bingo Buddha Ticket Holders
$3.25 ea.

Bingo Seat Cushions

"Lucky" Leprechaun Ticket Holder ​
$2.55 ea.

Bingo Cat Ticket Holders
$3.25 ea.

Flip Flop Ticket Holders
Assorted Colors

Raffle Drums
(Call for Size and Prices)
$SAVE BIG $Call Now!!
(920) 207-3207

Bingo Bags

Bingo Resin Ticket Holders 
Elephant, Bear

$2.75 ea.

Bingo Balls for Cage
Plastic or Wood

$13.75 Per Set

BingoTicket Holders
A East

Bingo Seat Cushion with Back
Bingo w/Flying Space Balls
Bingo Balls
Bingo Cards w/ Balls
Lucky Bingo
$19.95 ea.

Bingo Needs

A South

We ship to the U.S.A. ONLY

Bingo Elephant Ticket Holders
(Cherry, Orange)
​​$3.25 ea.

Bingo Balls 1-75
Double Number
(Various Colors)
$69.95 set


​​Bingo Supplies - Buy Bingo Supplies at coverallbingosupplies.com​​

Bingo Ball Ticket Holders​
(B-7, I-16, N-40, G-55, O-75)

$1.85 ea.


Table Top - Speedy Automatic
​Bingo Machine
(26" x 16" x 12" and comes with a set of wooden bingo balls)
$219.00 ea.

Bingo Shutter Cards - 6Ply
(Quick Clear)
Sold in Lots of 50 @ 


Supplies for Bingo


Bingo Snake Ticket Holder
​​$3.75 ea.